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ParaWorld Application Development Guide

This is a portal page containing all you need to know in order to develop a third-party application for ParaWorld platform. The shortest app takes 5 minutes to write and publish, yet it contains all advanced functionality like lobby room, app market place and discussion board. To start, please read the Anatomy of an Application. To start coding your first application, please install DeveloperApp.

Architecture Design Goals

The ParaWorld architecture is designed for social-networking-oriented virtual world and the corporate intraverse . More specifically, ParaWorld is built on the following four predictions for the trend of next-gen virtual worlds:
  1. As social networking converges with virtual worlds to support rapidly growing virtual communities, a social-networking/entertainment-oriented virtual world will emerge, successfully targeting the MySpace/Facebook teen generation with an emphasis on having fun as well as minor content creation, and building a user base in excess of five million within the year.
  2. Avatar-enabled corporate collaboration environments (intraverses ) will become the focus of enterprise attention, replacing the focus on largely unsuccessful forays into public virtual islands that have failed to attract or retain customers.
  3. Most killer applications in future virtual worlds are from third-party developers like those 10000 and growing apps on facebook. May it be mini-game, MMORPG, education or training applications, the architecture of a successful virtual world platform should embrace such a possibility.
  4. Community migration: large communities have built up around early platforms, but it would be a mistake (that appears to be commonly made) to assume that these communities owe any sense of allegiance to the underlying platform. They do not. While they are currently imprisoned on isolated islands, they are learning to live with each other and the constraints of the platform. As new entrants bring real alternatives to the universe, expect to see mass migration as virtual-world refugees flee existing platforms to build new communities of like-minded individuals on newly available virtual land – in scenes reminiscent of human migration throughout history. For migration to take place within the community, map integration like google earth with second life is indispensable.

Anatomy of an Application

Official Developer App

  • DeveloperApp: This is an application to develop other applications. More info, please see DeveloperAppDev
  • DebugApp: This is an application to debug other applications as well as running test consoles. More info, please see DebugAppDev

Application Development Reference



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